Sunday, November 24, 2013

Need Some New Digital Content?

Good evening.  I was just searching through the digital content at Panstoria and thought I would share what I found with you.

Turtle Dove Kit  Turtle Dove Kit

75 Cents Kit  75 Cents Kit

Both are found in Kaisercraft

Everyday 10 Paper Pak  Da Vinci Collection Scrap.Words  Both found in Cottage Arts

Don't forget all of CM's digital artwork is there also.  So grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and go shopping!  It will also be the perfect time to check out all of the gift ideas they have.  You may just be able to do some of your Christmas shopping without going out in the cold!  Click HERE to get started...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Need Help With Your Paper Stash?

Good morning!  I am still organizing my punches, but once done I will know where to find every single one I own.  That will be such a good feeling.  I spend way too much time looking for things that I know I have but can't find. My Cricut Cartridges are organized. I know where to find each one and I know what is in each cartridge.  I have them divided into Alaphabets and Themes and they will go into the appropriate sections of my ScrapRack system, once it arrives.  My goal is to be done sometime in 2014 with all of my craft supplies.  I am using the Scrap Rack organizational system which I think will work very well.  If you are not familiar with this system, here is a link for a place to find a lot of great organizational ideas and products.

I keep finding paper that does not belong to any large power pallet and I found this YouTube video very helpful.  You might want to check it out also.  It might be the best 10 minutes you spend!

Kiwi Lane has a lot of other great videos for scrapbooking and paper selecting. Check them out.

Have a great day and Enjoy Life's Moments!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Digital Freebies at pixels2Pages

Good evening!  I hope the wind did not blow you away today.  I decided to rake leaves in the backyard before they get wet.  Well that was quite the challenge!  Raking was not too bad as the wind helped.  Getting them into a bag was a different story.  Wind did NOT help!  Sometimes more hands would be nice...haha.

I thought I would share some digital freebies and a new site I discovered today.  Pixels2Pages announced a guest designer to their group today.
"Featured Designer, Little Feet Digital Designs by Janet Carr.

Janet has created a special kit for our members. If you are not a member yet, this weekend is a GREAT time to join in on the fun. Here is the link to our announcement on p2P:

Janet has one more goodie for you. She has created another paper and a cluster! Go to her facebook link and like her page for another cute download. You can even sign up for a newsletter too!"

It is always fun to get new and FREE digital content, sort of like Christmas!  I had fun creating decks of cards for Christmas gifts with Artisan 4.0.  

I hope you can get some of the freebies while they are still there.  It is a great time to start making those Christmas gifts too!  Just a thought...

Friday, November 8, 2013

Special Weekend at pixels2Pages!

This is a digital crop weekend at pixels2Pages!  Lots of special challenges and new techniques to learn so be sure to check out their website.  Yes, it is time to be thinking about the upcoming holiday season.  Make sure your camera is ready to go and you have a clean camera card as well.  If you make your own cards, now it the time to get started.  I have seen so many that I really like but I must make myself narrow it down this weekend for sure.

But tonight I think I will relax and spend time with pixels2pages, a favorite place of mine for inspiration and learning new tricks with digital.  Why no join me?  Let me know what you find that you like.  You can also check out my pinterest site under pixels2Pages to see some ideas.

This is one of the pages I did for a recent challenge.  It is time to get creative again!

Enjoy the evening!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A day of learning...

Well I have spent most of the morning with my cup of coffee, a must, and learning how to best use this blog.  I am afraid it will take a few more mornings to get a grasp of how things work so bear with me.  I have added links to my Pinterest site and my Facebook page.  I do have a page called Marilyn and Friends Photo Solutions, a group on Facebook.  Maybe I need more coffee...

I plan to work on cards today.  Here are some of  ideas I want to try.
Of course there are a lot on my Pinterest site that I want to try... decisions.

 Message for the day:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Welcome! Enjoy Life's Moments with me...

I am creating this blog for my scrapbook friends.  Those who love to use both traditional and digital formats.  Those who love to create their own unique pages.  I need to stop long enough to Enjoy Life’s Moments and capture them in photos so that I can sit back and relive them from time to time.

I have been a Creative Memories Consultant for close to 7 years.  However they are no longer the company I signed on with 7 years ago.  The new company, Ahni & Zoe, is going in a direction that I do not care to go.   I have resigned and am venturing out into the big world of scrapbooking, traditional and digital.  You are welcome to come along!

I am having so much fun just seeing what is out there. I love taking photos of nature as well as my family.  My grandchildren love to sit and look through the many scrapbooks I have done and relive family events.  I will also share my love for make cards, music, and dance too.  Join me on this venture if you like and let’s see what we can discover.