Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Good Morning

 Good morning and I hope you are staying warm.  I hate winter with the cold and the snow.  I am also trying to remember what life used to be like before Covid took over!  I have not stopped making cards but I sure have slowed down.  I miss having my monthly workshops and I miss getting together with my crafty friends.  Lets face it, I miss getting together with my friends, shopping and going on vacations!!  

With that said, I need to get back into creating, and joining in with creations for challenges!   I will share a few of my latest creations and hopefully return to actual blogging.  A habit that never really took off I am afraid.

I fell in love with these cute snow bunnies from Catherine Pooler Designs last year and they are still a favorite of mine.  I have a lot of bunnies that spend the winter in the huge bushes that line our front walk and the many pine trees around our house.  They venture out on warmer days and my grand dog loves to chase them!  To her dismay, she is never fast enough.

The temperature is up to 12F!  I hope you are staying warm and I hope to sign in again real soon!  

Stay warm and enjoy life's moments!