Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Tuesday Tip

 Good morning!  Weather has been more like fall than summer on the east coast but I guess that will change later in the week.  I have been trying to clean and re-organize my craft room these past few months.  I keep running into things I forgot I had and get distracted, so progress is slow.  I am sure a few of you can relate to that problem.  A friend of mine recommended having a "Magic Mug" to stash all my created pieces until they found their way to a card.  Perfect!!  That is until it overflowed on the first day.  i needed a much larger "mug". 

                                                     Enter my "Magic Mug" 

 As you can see it is full and much larger than a mug.  I do know where to find pieces to finish cards however and that is a good thing.  I recently went to the Mug and found four things to use on cards for soldiers in Ukraine so I was happy!  

Tip for Tuesday...start a "Magic Mug" and see where it takes you!  Thank you Laurel for the great idea!

Enjoy Life's Moments


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